Vappu week and training with Mestre Garrincha

Mestre Garrincha is staying in Turku until Friday morning. However, the Vappu celebrations stops us from using Snellmanin koulu for the trainings on Tuesday and Wednesday. Hence, the schedule is like following:

  • Monday 19.00-20.00: Training @ Snellu given by Mestre Garrincha. Price 10e except for MIHI trainers.
  • Tuesday: Vappu eve => No training due to school closed
  • Wednesday: Vappu day => No training du to school closed but Professor Cromadinho invites everybody to participate in the traditional Vappu roda @ Vartiovuori (close to the entrance to the park from the Kaskenkatu side) at 3 o’clock
  • Thursday: 19.00-21.00: Training @ Circus lounge (Lonttistentie 12) given by Mestre Garrincha. Price 10e.
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