Capoeira School Senzala Turku

Capoeira is a kind of afro-brazilian game, combining dance, fighting movements and a bit of acrobatics, and it’s played two-by-two to a groovy music. We are a bunch of guys in Turku who practice the capoeira style Senzala, which was born in Rio de Janeiro in the 60′s. Our group, called Grupo Capossu, is under supervision of Mestre Samara (, who runs his own capoeira school in Amsterdam and the training’s are held by the more experienced trainers Nenad, Marjo, Ronnie, Sonja and Ida-Maria. Grupo Capossu provides classes for both adults and kids, beginners and more advanced, music classes, presentations, introduction classes in schools etc. Welcome to join anytime of the year!

More information about capoeira on wikipedia

Regular trainings (2020/2021)

Adults, (13-19 years for free) Saturday: 12.30-13.30 all levels + MIHI Teacher: Marjo Heinonen-Tuomi (Finnish, English) Snellmanin koulu (Koulukatu 8)
Monday: 20.00-21.30 all levels Teacher: Nenad Jović (English) Snellmanin koulu
Kids(10-12 år) Saturday: 11.30-12.30 all levels, joint with 7-9 year olds Teacher: Ida-Maria Nilsson (Swedish, English, Finnish) Snellmanin koulu
Kids (6-9 år) Saturday: 11.30-12.30 all levels Teacher: Marjo Heinonen-Tuomi (Finnish, English, Swedish) Snellmanin koulu
Kids(2-6 years) together with parents
Saturday: 10.30-11.30 all levels Teacher: Ida-Maria Nilsson (Swedish, English, Finnish) Snellmanin koulu

Prices (adults):
First time: free to try!
One time: 7€
10-time-card: 60€ (*), students who have paid the CampusSport fee: 40€ (*)
15-time-card: 75€ (*)

*) Requires a membership fee of 10€ in the association. The membership is on yearly basis and enables e.g. cheaper participation fees in workshops. The first card for Campus Sporters requires no membership.

Prices (kids, 2-6 years and 7-13 years old):
First time: free to try!
One time: 6€
10-time-card: 50€ (Kids from the sama family can use the same card)

Account number (IBAN) :Capoeira Senzala Turku ry. / FI66 5710 0420 6069 80

Contact info
For any doubts or questions please feel free contact us:

Nenad Jović, diablo.senzala(at) or 044-9789685
Marjo Heinonen-Tuomi, marjo.heinonen-tuomi(at) or 040-5652642
Ronnie Snellman, ronnie.snellman(at) or 050-3543549 (away during 2020)