Capoeira intro-course 30.1.2018 @ Campus Sport

Capossu organizes in co-operation with Campus Sport Turku a 5-time intro course to capoeira.

The course is aimed for students or personnel at any of the universities or polytechnics in Turku.

Place: Educarium
Time: Tuesdays 18.00-18.50
Training days: 30.1.-27.2.2018
Price: 22€ (but no Campus Sport fee required)
Enrollment: starts on 10.1.2018 at 2pm and happens here (You can access the online store by clicking “join in” at the top-right corner of the website)


After finishing the course the participants are warmly welcome to come and train in Capossu’s regular beginners trainings on Wednesdays 19.30-20.30 or trainings for all levels on Sundays 16.00-18.00.

The teacher of the trainings is Ronnie Snellman (a.k.a Graduado Vareta) who has been giving classes since 2006.

Later in the spring another 5-time-intro course at Campus Sport will be arranged but hosted by Volta por cima Turku. Stay tuned!

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